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Evaluation Reporting Criteria


Evaluation reports are required by every grant recipient regardless of the funding amount.   Below are the major areas we focus on when reviewing final reports.  Due to the nature of each grant award, the evaluation guidelines may vary; therefore, always call the Foundation for evaluation clarification. 

What is the goal of the program?
What were the strategies to achieve the goal?
What is the curriculum?
What was the program timeline?
What did you want the program participants to learn?
How many participants?  How many sites?  We want actual numbers, not percentages.
What were your retention goals?
What were your long term behavior goals?
How did you measure the success of your program, to date?
What were the lessons learned, challenges, and unexpected problems in the program?  Were they solved?
What were the success stories, participant feedback, and staff feedback?
What changes, if any, would you implement for the next program period?
How was our funding used?  Include actual line item program budget and narrative budget.
Include any articles or publications regarding the program.

Please be detailed.